Alan Greenspan

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For those in the business world, one may think that having
business ethics is unrealistic while others may find it completely possible.
From experience, I think that many people in business start out with business
ethics. Somewhere down the line, some of these people get caught up and begin
to cut corners and become unethical. This may happen for many reasons. Some of
the popular reasons may be for personal gain, advancement, and of course money
(Greenspan, 1999). However, I have come across many people in business that are
honest, have integrity, and truly do want what is best for you.

I do not believe that Alan Greenspan is being naïve for believing
that there is a possibility of business ethics and I can understand why he
emphasizes honesty and integrity so much in his speech. It can be very easy for
one to take short cuts to get where they want to be. The group he is speaking
to are eager graduate students who are ready to join the real work world. These
students will probably be faced with a situation where they have the opportunity
to cheat to beat a coworker, to close a deal, or maybe even advance in their
career. It can be any situation where one is not honest. With the technology we
have today, cutting corners and finding opportunities to be dishonest is much
easier. Greenspan seemed like he really wanted these students to understand the
importance of basically being a good, honest, and fair person. The students
sitting in front of him are the future and he wanted to send a powerful message
in hopes that our future understands that integrity in anything holds value.

 Alan Greenspan (1999)
said, “We call it “good will” in business and add it to our balance
sheets.” I think he meant that when working in business, being honest and
having integrity does not go unnoticed. If Greenspan had to choose between two
people to do business with and one he knew has burned people in business before
and the other person may not be as successful as the other but is honest. I
truly believe that Greenspan would do business with the less successful but
honest person over the successful cheating person. Reputation is important is
just about everything, a person’s name is also important. When people hear my
name, I want their first thoughts to be determined, responsible, reliable, and
honest. Many people would agree with Greenspan’s comment about adding it to
their balance sheets. People do not forget when someone is dishonest,
especially those that do business with an unethical person. It is important
that people are honest and have integrity in all aspects of life.





Option B. Iowa Supreme Court Case

2a. Isn’t plagiarism a “victimless crime?” Why should judges
care if attorneys submit plagiarized legal briefs or motions?

Plagiarism is not a victimless crime. There may not be a
victim that has been hurt but they may have been affected in some way.  Someone was stolen from them so they would be
considered a victim. The victim in a plagiarism situation would be the person
that actual wrote the words that were “stolen”. A judge should care if
attorneys submit plagiarized legal briefs and motions for several reasons. For
starters, a courtroom is based off of honesty and making sure that those that
who are dishonest pay in some way and those who are honest are set free or also
paid. The attorneys defending both guilty and not guilty should be the first
ones to follow the rules and to be honest with their client and the court.
Attorneys are paid for their time and their work. Taking someone else’s work is
not right, especially without citing their sources and still charging their
client when they did actually put in the time to do their own work.  Attorneys do not get a pass for being
dishonest, especially when they take credit for someone else’s work during a

2b. Attorney Peter Cannon was punished by the court and by
the attorney disciplinary board. Do you think these punishments were too
lenient, too severe, or about right?

I think Cannon received a fair punishment and I agree with
what they had him do. It was his first offense so I do not think a suspension
would have been a fair punishment. I believe he was lucky that the court did
not decide to go down a harsher route. The course he was required to take will
be a refresher on the proper ways to cite and to ensure that he does not plagiarize
again. I think requiring Cannon to contact the authors was a bit much but then
again, he did “steal” their work. The court seemed to be honest and possibly
wanted those who had wrong done to them know. I think Cannon’s punishment was
just right and I think he will think twice about plagiarizing.

2c. The Iowa Supreme Court Board of Professional Ethics
& Conduct v. Lane was a lot more intense than the Peter Cannon case. When
Lane realized that he had been caught, it took him months so fess up to what he
did. He also tried to cover up what he did. So not only did he take credit for
another person’s work, he tried covering it up. He was falling into a lie after
lie. I think that Lane’s punishment was not harsh. From what it looks like, it
seemed like he thought that he could possibly get himself out of what he did.
Maybe by not responding to the court for months he hoped they would forget and
move on. Since he was not honest and upfront with what he did, and tried
covering it up, I think the 6 month suspension was an appropriate punishment
for Lane.

2d. I am a bit torn when it comes to what Florida requires.
I think it really depends on the severity of the situation. If it were a case
like Attorney Peter Cannon, I would find public shaming much too harsh. But
when it comes to Lane’s case, I would agree that a bigger punishment should be
set in place, but I do not think public shaming is a way to handle a situation.
I am not okay with public shaming. I feel like it should be handled in court,
not by humiliating the person.


Assignment by Interest #1

                                                On Being Happy, Healthy, and Ethical

3a.   Schiltz had many
findings when it came to health and happiness of lawyers. Most of the
information I read was kind of depressing. If I read this before deciding what
I wanted to do for a career, I would scratch being a lawyer right off the list.
According to Schiltz in On Being Happy, Healthy, and Ehtical, most lawyers
suffer from depression. There are many factors that lead to this. Some of these
factors include long work hours, money, temptations, the firm’s expectations,
and loan debt. Schiltz also mentioned that because of depression and stress of
the job, lawyers tend to have ulcers, anxiety, paranoia, alcoholism, coronary
artery disease and become hostile. Again, not all lawyers develop these health
problems, but from a study that was done, this is the information that was
given. That many lawyers are known for developing these problems. Schiltz also
mentioned in his report that there was not a whole lot of information on a
lawyer’s physical health. He did find that most lawyers would not go back to
become a lawyer again and would not encourage their children to be one either.
Another cause for the lack of happiness for lawyers is the amount of hours they
put in. Especially those who work in big firms, these are the ones who
typically put in the mass amount of hours. And these hours take a toll on the
person. Another reason is because of the debt they put themselves in. Law school
is not cheap and according to Shiltz in On Being Happy, Healthy, and Ethical,
many law students find themselves in $60,000 or more in debt. That is why many
feel like they do not have a choice but to get a job at a big firm. These big
firms seem to cause a lot of head ache and stress to these lawyers because they
demand a lot from their lawyers. A lot of this unhappiness is the lack of
having a work and life balance. Having a balance is important for anyone’s
mental and physical health.


3b.   I find the
quotation in Shiltz’s paper pretty convincing. The entire paper goes on about
all the negative outcomes of being a lawyer and joining a firm. He included
what seemed like personal experiences which makes his quote convincing. After
listing all the health problems and the unhappiness most lawyers live with
turns me off to ever wanting to be a lawyer. I read nothing but negative things
that come along with being a lawyer so it makes sense that many lawyers would
find themselves unhappy, depressed, and unethical. If I was in an unhappy
situation that Schiltz describes, I too would probably be suffering from some
of the problems these lawyers develop too. Or, I would quickly find a new
career path. His words are powerful and would probably leave an impression on
someone who is on the fence about being a lawyer or not. Even though Schiltz
mentioned that some of his findings have limited information, I still find his
quote convincing. I would not want to chance putting myself in a career that has
a high chance of causing me health problems because of the workload, stress,
and the battle to be ethical each day in an unethical business.





3c.   I believe that
lawyers can be successful and ethical at the same time. I cannot imagine that
every unethical lawyer is successful 100% of the time. I am sure there are
successful lawyers that do not cut corners and are extremely ethical. Maybe
that is why they are successful. I believe a lot in karma and if you continue
to do the right thing to yourself and do right by others, success will find
you. People know who good lawyers and bad lawyers are and the ones that are
greedy and lie. They also know the ones that do what is right and truly want
the best for others. To be successful and ethical in my career I would ensure
that I am using educational time doing things that will benefit the children
and not what benefits me. For example, instead of gathering items for a lesson
the next day, I will be in the moment and use the time I have with the children
wisely to ensure they are getting the time they deserve to learn the material.
My classroom is in a portable hidden in the back where it is hard to see. It is
very easy sneak into work a little late. But inside I know I get paid to be at
work at a specific time. Ensuring that I am in my classroom at the time I am
supposed to will also ensure that I am being honest. I will also be honest with
myself. If I know that I did not teach the best lesson then I need to reteach
the lesson to the children so they are not shorted. There are many situations
where I can cut corners. For example, we have report card comments that are due
this week. I could use a generic template which does not truly align with each
student. Each child is different and each child should receive a different
report card comment based on their performance and growth. Creating a comment
for each child and include specific information related to this child is the
right thing to do. I will make sure that whatever I do in this classroom will
benefit the children in a positive way.


Assignment by Interest #2

Option C: Darwin’s
Eye Exercise

4a.   Michael
Tomasello in Human Eyes Only (2017), believes that humans have whites in our
eyes while apes do not for several interesting reasons. One reason being
evolution. The white in our eyes are much larger than other primates for social
cues. The whites of our eyes allows others to read what a person is feeling and
thinking. People can talk with their eyes.  For example, Tomasello (2017) said a child can
see what toy an adult is looking at and reach for it because they prefer the
toy that the adult was looking at. If the whites of our eyes were not so large,
it would be much more difficult to read social cues, feelings, and thoughts. People
take direction from another’s eyes as well. Tomasello (2017) said apes need the
whites in their eyes for survival purposes. If an ape is looking for food and
another animal or another ape is around and can see which direction the ape’s
are looking, that ape would be beat to where it was looking. Lacking the white
of the eye allows the ape to look further without having to moves it’s head to
give it away.

4b.   There are some
implications for human cooperation as a survival strategy. Since eyes are easy
to read emotion, thoughts, and direction, it makes it easier for another person
to have a head start or to know what that person’s next move might be based on
the direction the eye was directed at. For example, Tomasello (2017) mentioned
the problem some poker players face. They have to wear sunglasses to that their
opponents cannot read what their next move might be or to avoid them from
seeing any type of emotion which may give their hand away. The whites of our
eyes give away a lot of information. This is consistent with a “survival of the
fittest” view of the world. I go back to the example of a poker player. The
opponents look for any opening to have the upper hand over their opponent. If a
player sees stress or any type of emotion from his opponent he can base his
next move based on what was seen in the opponents eyes. Or another example I
can think of is if there are 3 players that are looking for the hidden sticker
and another player sees their opponents eyes focused on something, they are
going to look in that direction as well and race them to that spot. That other
player did not have to put the effort into looking but got the answer from the
other player’s eyes.


Assignment by Interest #3

Help Henry Exercise

a.       If
I were Henry, I would definitely choose Packer in this case. Early on in the
paper, we learned that Stacker cheated in his college courses and had no shame
denying it. Right away you can tell that Stacker is not an honest person even
though he admitted to cheating. The fact that he cheated in multiple college
courses shows that he does not seem to have a problem cheating and cutting
corners as long as he gets the job done and done well. Packer’s G.P.A is not as
high as Stacker’s but at least Packer had integrity during his time in college.
Henry truly does not know what Stacker has to offer because he cheated. At
least with Packer, the scores he has are true. Aside from grades, having an
honest employee is important to all businesses. If I was opening up a new
business I would want to ensure that I can trust my employees. I am investing a
lot into them and want to be sure they are honest and have good work ethic. I
do not want to worry about an unethical employee and have to monitor everything
they do because I do not trust them because they have a rough past when it
comes to being ethical. So in this case, I would definitely hire Packer.

b.      Alan
Greenspan’s speech focused on having business ethics. The Help Henry Exercise
is related to Greenspan’s speech because we are dealing with a business
situation, integrity, and a hiring process. Greenspan spoke to college
graduates who would be new to the work force. Greenspan stressed the importance
to be an honest person and have integrity. Having these qualities will take
someone a long way in business. He also said that business people take note and
remember those who were unethical and dishonest when doing business. One does
not want a bad reputation in business because it can destroy a business. Henry
is beginning this new business and needs to make sure he hires people that are
honest and will be fair when doing business with others and can be trusted to
do a job right and honestly.





6. Statement of Gratitude


There are many people in my life that have affected me positively
in one way or another. I have learned from coaches, teachers, friends, family,
and coworkers. Each person has brought something different to the table that
has played a part in who I am and what I believe in. Teaching me a lesson did
not have to be a big event, many things I am appreciative for were small
moments, moments I did not think would sit with me for years after. From Coach Rob
Weil, putting me in difficult situations to learn how to stay composed in
stressful situations whether it be in softball or life. He never let me give in
even if I shed tears of fear and frustration. He was persistent and did not
allow me to falter. He would knock me down and teach me how to build myself back
up by believing in my talent and skills. At times he seemed like the enemy and
setting me up for failure. I would ask myself why is he picking on me? Why can
he put his attention on another teammate? When my time with Rob was over, I
realized he did what he did because he saw potential and saw where I needed
work. He also knew I would be in situations where only focus and composure
would get me through. The times I thought I had enough, there was nothing left
in me, he gave me an extra push and I was able to do it. It was eye opening to
see how strong I actually was. I thank him for putting me in the situations
that he did because I was prepared for whatever situation came my way. From my
dad, irritating me until tears and angry words poured out. He is a man in my
life that no matter what the situation or event, to always be a good person and
do what is right. There have been many long rides in the car just to talk and
give advice on just about anything. He is not one to pry but when he see’s that
I getting off path, he is the first person to address it in a calm and loving
way that does not push me away. Dad leads by example which is why I admire him
so dearly. I cannot think of one time that he did something that would benefit
him and not others. It did not matter whether it were a friend, family, or
stranger. He would go out of his way to help anyone, even if it ruined his
plans or took up his time. And I have never once heard a complaint come out of
his mouth about lending a helping hand or having to do what was right.  Dad encourages me to find something positive
in situations I do not like. With this seminar, I complained to him about doing
it, his response was not agreeing with my complaints but encouraging me to get
something out of it and that I might surprise myself. Allowing self-pity and
complaining is rare when speaking to my dad. He discourages me from allowing a
friend who is a lawyer to take care of my ticket I got while driving. He said
to me not to take the easy way out and to pay what I need to. Taking short cuts
is not in my dad’s DNA. This can, at times, be frustrating because I know there
are times he can make things easier on himself and he chooses not to. He is not
perfect, but I will say he is the most honest and genuine person I know. I feel
disappointed when I do something wrong and gives people the opportunity to
judge my character in a negative way. I feel disappointed because I am a direct
reflection of my dad, and he did not raise a child with poor character nor did
he model any type of dishonesty. I could not have asked for a better role





7. A Good Life

A good life can be defined in many ways depending on who is
defining it. A good life, in my opinion, requires honesty with yourself. This
means if you are doing something that you know is wrong but the chances of you
getting caught are slim so you do it anyway is wrong. You should have that
voice in your head telling you it is wrong and to go about whatever you are
doing the right way. A person will feel so much better about themselves and
their work when they are honest about it. In Being Happy, Healthy, and Ethical,
Schiltz said that staying ethical takes effort everyday with every situation.
It is something that has to be practiced. That message stuck with me because I
feel like practicing integrity and business ethics one situation at a time is
much more manageable and not so overwhelming. If I continue to focus on being
honest in one situation at a time and putting an emphasis on positive work
ethics then I think I will have a better chance at living a good life. I say
this because if I feel good about myself and what I am doing then that makes me
happy with myself. Being happy with myself is the first step to achieve living
a good life. Having balance is also key to living a good life. It is easy to
get caught up in work and let it cut into social time or family time. Ensuring
that you are balancing everything will help someone stay on track and keep from
being overwhelmed. Greenspan’s speech also stuck with me. His emphasis on
having business ethics and integrity allowed me to reflect on my business
ethics and integrity at work. Greenspan said that businesses remember those
they dealt with that were unethical and that leaves them with a bad reputation
that can damage their business. I want a good reputation at work. I want
parents to know that they can send their child to my class and know that their
child is in good hands and will receive a good education and experience. I also
want my coworkers to keep me as an option for ideas and mentoring purposes. If I
continue to do what is right for my students and do whatever else is expected
of me, then I think others will see that and trust that I am an honest teacher
and can rely on me. Again, this would make me feel good and appreciated which
then leads to happiness and happiness is important to living a good life. Being
a person with integrity and business ethics may seems like a lot of work and
hard to do. But the outcome in the end is worth it. Knowing that what you did
was right by you and by others leaves a person fulfilled and happy with their
job. I am also a big believe in karma. If you do what is right then good will
find you in the end and you are free to live a good life.


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